Seconde Nimenya is an International Award-Winning Author, and Recognized Inspirational and Diversity Speaker and Advocate Who Engages Audiences With Her Authentic, Compassionate and Relaxed Style.

Thought-provoking with powerful insights, Seconde Nimenya’s presentations will impact how your audience work, live and lead; getting them to think in new and creative ways. Her personal credo to evolving through adversity and achieve any desired outcome is to take time to reflect on who you are, rectify what you don’t like, and reinforce what you do like.

Speaking on Diversity, Belonging and Inclusion

“Our differences be it in the workplace, in school, or in our communities should be the diversity drivers of business. How your organization attracts, retains and empowers your clients and employees makes a huge impact on your overall business success.”  — Seconde Nimenya


Seconde Nimenya is an international award-winning author and diversity & inclusion expert who has more than twenty years of experience in multicultural diversity leadership, and a leading speaker, trainer and advocate on diversity and inclusion. Her focus is on racial and cultural diversity leadership as drivers of organizational innovation.

A TEDx speaker, international award-winning author, diversity trainer and advocate, personal and professional leadership development strategist, Seconde Nimenya has been delivering powerful presentations to diverse audience all around the world.

As a Global Leadership and Cross-Cultural Trainer, Seconde uses her varied cultural and educational background to deliver inspiring and empowering presentations. Through her unique approach, she equips leaders with advanced cross-cultural communication skills to improve team dynamics by bridging the cultural gap and increasing diversity consciousness for an inclusive workplace and educational system.

Fields of Expertise

·       Diversity, Belonging and Inclusion

·       Evolving Through Adversity

·       Diversity and Leadership/ Cultural Competence

·       Employee Engagement

·       Life Skills and Education

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Seconde, we cherish the gifts of your wisdom and journey that you shared with us. Thanks for visiting us on “sacred” ground in the territory of our collective spirits. It was a special two days!

Joanne F. DeMark, Ph.D

Leadership Development Specialist, Western Washington University

Thank you Seconde for coming to my class. I think you sensed the interest you stimulated in the students. Your story and your presentation is very inspiring. Your perspective on American race issues was also very insightful. I was pleased with the way you drew all of the students into the discussion.

Walton Johnson, Ph.D

Professor, Rutgers University

Dear Seconde,

Thank YOU for your great presentation and compassionate interaction with my students! I asked my students for some feedback and here is what we came up: “Seconde was able to understand and appreciate students’ comments and took a collective “we” approach to our conversation about race and other identity constructs aimed at developing dialogue. Seconde’s style of presenting validated the variety of perspectives people brought to our discussion. She was able to hold space for discomfort and waited for us to be brave enough to say something, but she did so in a way that was relaxed and compassionate that made everyone feel like they had something to contribute and something at stake in the conversation.”  

Karen Stout, Ph.D.

Bowman Distinguished Professor of Leadership & Director, Karen W. Morse Institute for Leadership , Western Washington University

Hi Seconde,

What a fantastic UNE-community collaboration! Thanks so much for coming to Maine and inspiring our community. I’m so looking forward to continuing work with you in Portland.

Donna G. Jarvis

Director of Multicultural Affairs and Diversity, University of New England

Hello Seconde, I used your TED Talk in all five of my sophomore classes last week to kick off small group discussions about acceptance (what does it look and feel like? How important is it?). Next, groups discussed race and culture in our school (did they think students felt comfortable here? What problems or successes did we have in these areas?)  Finally, each group decided on 3-5 guidelines or norms for how our class should function together. These ideas were posted to an online discussion board where, once I gather patterns, we will follow up by voting on our top choices. We thought your talk was powerful. All my teens were attentive. I teach many students of color who, it seemed to me, appreciated your compassionate yet direct approach.
Laura Hansen

Teacher, Lake Washington School District

Hello Seconde, I watched and thoroughly enjoyed your TED Talk. Your point of view, delivery and personality really resonate with the kind of viewers we have and across borders.
Karen Juve

Vice President, Programming and Acquisitions, The Africa Channel

Seconde’s reputation as a speaker is built on her ability to explore difficult topics with tremendous honesty, warmth, and humor. She is a thought-leader, storyteller, and advocate with the rare ability to both inspire audiences and leave them with strategies to become the best versions of themselves.


Invite Seconde to energize your audience, inspire, and leave them with the strategies to become the best versions of themselves.

Some of Her Signature Talks Include: 


    and Much More, Backed with Wit, Wisdom and Charisma!

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Gain the strategies to evolve through your adversity, discover your passion, and honor your true self.

With wit and charisma, Seconde Nimenya shares how adversity can be your greatest teacher if you know how to respond appropriately. She shares her own story, in her international award-winning memoir, EVOLVING THROUGH ADVERSITY,  on how adversity was present in her life from her childhood to adulthood. She experienced the devastations of war and poverty in her native country, and had to fight to get an education.

Today, Seconde is inspiring others on their life journeys with the lessons she learned from her own adversities in life. Both a teacher and a student of life, Seconde Nimenya shares her inspiring message with compassion, and understanding born from her experiences. She’s known as the speaker who takes her audience on a ride through her formative years, offering answers to some of life’s biggest questions.

This program is perfect for:

  • ​Increasing Employees’ Engagement
  • Managers wanting to increase team performance
  • Employee Resource Groups to increase team spirit
  • Women’s Conference
  • Senior management leaders
  • Anyone who’s stuck in life

The audience will leave with:

  • ​Specific strategies on how to evolve through the adversities in life
  • A renewed spirit and wanting more out of life
  • An action plan on how to move forward

This program is the most requested by meeting planners, and most inspirational. Seconde has given this Keynote to various audiences, and the feedback is always the same: “the most inspirational speech ever heard“. If your teams or the audience you care about need a spirit-boosting message, look no further, this program will surely energize them to become the best versions of themselves, and ignite in them a willingness to move forward, no matter where they are in life.

Contact Seconde to discuss how she can also customize a message that fits your unique audience’s needs! ​

TAGS: inspirational / life-changing educational / informative audience activity

2. DIVERSITY IN THE WORKPLACE: What Business Leaders Need to Know to Bridge the Gap.

This program works well as a Keynote, or an interactive Workshop, and has been provided to other organizations and educational institutions with proven results.

Format: ​30-60 minute Keynote or Workshop

This program is perfect for:

  • ​Senior College/University Faculty and Staff
  • College Admission Directors who want to attract and retain students from diverse backgrounds
  • Deans and managers who want to increase cultural diversity in their faculty and staff
  • Department /HR/Business Unit Leaders and Professionals.

The audience will leave with:

  • ​An understanding of how to bridge the diversity gaps in their workplace
  • Strategies and Insights on how to attract and retain a diverse workforce
  • An empowered mindset and be able to ignite the leaders within and empower their teams in return.

​Diversity and Inclusion is a great topic for the workplace, school, and community groups. Seconde has given several keynotes and workshops on this topic in various organizations and even gave a TED Talk on it.

TAGS: educational / informative audience activity inspirational / life-changing technical / specific  


Format: ​Interactive 30-60 minute presentation

This program is perfect for:

  • Mentoring Young Women
  • Teens age 14-18 years old
  • College clubs graduation speech
  • Commencement speech​

The audience will leave with:

  • Life skills they need to navigate the world with self-confidence.
  • Learn how to build self-esteem
  • Better understanding on how to be resilient

TAGS: inspirational / life-changing educational / informative audience activity



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Her reputation as a speaker is built on her ability to explore difficult topics with tremendous honesty, warmth, and humor. She is a thought-leader, storyteller, and advocate with the ability to inspire audiences and leave them with strategies to become the best versions of themselves. Contact her at:, to customize a topic for your particular organization and audience. She is available for Motivational Keynotes, Leadership Workshops, and Retreats. 






We received a lot of really positive feedback about Seconde Nimenya’s presentation; she certainly stood out! She did an outstanding job and incorporated personal stories which definitely touched a chord. She was amazing and inspiring!

Tasha Richardson

Vice President, Human Resources, WYNDHAM Vacation Ownership

Seconde, it was beyond wonderful having you speak here at our conference! I’ve heard only rave reviews of your presentation from all!!!

Rhonda DeWitt

Coordinator – Employee Professional Development, Lake Washington Institute of Technology

Seconde, just now had a chance to watch your TED talk and loved it. Keep doing what you do and I look forward to what new trails you will blaze during 2017.
Dr. Renee Collins

Associate Dean of Students, Western Washington University

Ms. Nimenya,

Thank you so much for coming and sharing with our students. One of our goals we established for our school is that every student feel a sense of belonging at Bella Vista. We have a long way to go, but I know you have impacted hundreds of our students to see themselves as unique and wonderful as they are. Hopefully they also see that they need to accept every other individual in the same way – like you say, in the end, we are all the same more than we are different; we want to be accepted for who we are.

Peggy Haskins

Principal, Bella Vista High School - Sacramento, CA

Hello Seconde, I had the pleasure of hearing you speak at the United Way in Everett for the Diversity Labor Exchange. It was my first time attending one of their events, and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about you and your suggestions for how to move forward in an ever-changing labor market.

Aleta Parcell Springer

HR Manager, Cascade Companion Care

Thank you for sharing your TED Talk. I found it both grounding and inspiring.
Ericka Cox

Inclusion Manager, King County


Dear Seconde,
Thank you for making the time to address our Global Women’s Leadership Forum Corporate Members this morning. The webinar content was excellent and your personal story is truly inspirational. Our listeners stayed on the call throughout the entire webinar which is always a sign of interest and engagement.
Diane Wolf

Executive Strategist, Global Women’s Leadership Forum

Seconde’s storytelling was a powerful experience. An amazing woman who through her life experience is helping others to love themselves, travel your unique journey, and return to share your newly found knowledge with others. Who knew that Adversity could be a source of inspiration. Thank you for your visit to WWU.

Daniel Dickinson

MBA Candidate, Western Washington University

Hi Seconde, I have heard nothing but positive reviews about you. I talked to many people who really liked your presentation. Personally, I thought you were great!

Cameron Cassidy

Education and Employment Navigator, Workforce Snohomish, Washington State