Through her lived experiences, Seconde Nimenya has uncovered her life’s purpose and discovered the power that lies within. That self-realization has helped her accept who she is, and accept others for who they are. Seconde’s mission is to share her journey with you through her writing, speaking and hosting, and to empower you on your life journey with fresh perspectives.

Seconde Nimenya offers a range of training and coaching programs in diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as personal and professional development. She can also customize the right program that fits the unique needs of your audience. Seconde has a passion for sharing stories that inspire, educate, and leave you wanting more out of life. She is a sought out subject matter expert on how to evolve through the adversities in life and be the best version of yourself. Attend, watch or listen to Seconde’s transformational presentations and you may never be the same; in the best way!

As Seconde shares in her TEDx talk on race and culture identity, titled, We Are Not All that Different, “Whether you’re gay or straight, black or white, Jewish, Christian or Muslim, Democrat or Republican, …at their very core, human beings are yearning for the same thing: To be accepted for who they are.”

Seconde has presented to different audiences including government institutions, corporations, nonprofit organizations, higher education institutions, and community groups. Her message is authentic and timely. To invite her to speak at your next event, please fill out the contact form and include as much information as you can about your event. 




“Everybody Goes Through Adversity One Way or Another. But It’s How We Respond that Makes the Difference.”  – Seconde Nimenya