I loved the inspirational way Seconde told her story and at the same time involved the reader to reflect.”


Lyn Archer

In this book full of highs and lows in the author’s life, Seconde Nimenya brings us on a journey through childhood, early adulthood, marriage, immigration and culture shock. On the way, we (along with her) are confronted with hardships of life and the realities of two worlds apart not only in terms of distance but also culture, lifestyle and times. At the end we really get to understand what it is to Evolve Through Adversity.

Carl R.

Seconde does a wonderful job describing her life in Africa as a child, then moving to the west as a young adult with a new family. She explores the cultural differences as a woman that she encounters on her journey trying to find her self along the way. She has added thought provoking questions at the end of each chapter to help you relate her story to your own.

Jennifer S

“The Connectedness of Experience: It was a great pleasure to read Seconde’s book. I especially enjoyed reading about her growing up in Burundi. I could also relate to the struggle of balancing work and family, and moving and living in a foreign country (Norway and England for me).”

J. H. Corbin

Professor, Western Washington University