How can we evolve through adversity and change our lives? It is one of life’s great questions.

In Evolving Through Adversity: How to Overcome Obstacles, Discover Your Passion, and Honor Your True Self, Seconde Nimenya answers the above question and demonstrates that the best way to overcome adversity is to go through it. Through her own life story, Seconde explains how to apply this transformational model by what she calls the RRU (Reflect, Rectify, and Unite) model. Her personal credo to evolve through adversity, and achieve any desired outcome is to take time to reflect on who you are, assess your situation, rectify what you don’t like, and reinforce or unite what you do like. In A Leader’s Companion Workbook to Evolving Through Adversity, Seconde details this model to inspire you with the strategies on how to evolve through your own adversities in life.



”I wanted to update you on where we landed with your book, Evolving Through Adversity, being used on our College campuses. We have purchased the Kindle version of the book for students. I have integrated content from several chapters into our Leadership 004 Class on Resilience, Thriving and Growth Mindset.
We are excited to have our students learning from your story on both the Rwanda and Burundi campuses. Thank you for your continued support of our work and we look forward to seeing you on our campus again.”

Carrie Ellett

Country Director, AKILAH Institute for Women

The Connectedness of Experience: It was a great pleasure to read Seconde’s book. I especially enjoyed reading about her growing up in Burundi. I could also relate to the struggle of balancing work and family, and moving and living in a foreign country (Norway and England for me).

J. H. Corbin

Professor, Western Washington University

I loved the inspirational way Seconde told her story and at the same time involved the reader to reflect.

Lyn Archer


In this book full of highs and lows of the author’s life, Seconde Nimenya brings us on a journey through childhood, early adulthood, marriage, immigration and culture shock. On the way, we (along with her) are confronted with hardships of life and the realities of two worlds apart not only in terms of distance but also culture, lifestyle and times. At the end we really get to understand what it is to Evolve Through Adversity.

Karl Rick