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Evolving Through Adversity:

How To Overcome Obstacles, Discover Your Passion, and Honor Your True Self

How do you discover who you are and honor your true self when faced with adversity? How do you use it to evolve and achieve your life’s purpose? 

In her soul-searching books, Seconde Nimenya shares with readers the life lessons everyone can use to uplift their own lives, and in return, they can empower others. Readers of Seconde’s books will find in her storytelling the opportunity to reflect on their own lives, and how to break the cycle of patterns that keep them stuck in a rut.

Readers are calling Seconde’s books, the Most Inspiring Work they Have ever Read!

“I love that this book’s title is Evolving Through Adversity because while other books have been written about adversity, they are usually about overcoming or defeating it. I think “Evolving” is a more powerful and truthful word because we don’t just defeat adversity; we really merge with it, collide with it, and then it changes us, allowing our souls to evolve, and more than anything, the evolution of our souls should be our purpose on this earth.” —Tyler Tichelaar, Ph.D, Award-Winning Author of the Best Place

Learn in Seconde’s books how you can evolve through your adversities, discover and honor your true self!


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