A Coaching & Mentoring Program for Aspiring Writers

Welcome to JUST WRITE: Crafting your personal story to heal and grow. 

Through this story crafting workshop, you will learn how to develop and structure a story idea, whether you are writing for publication or simply for your self-discovery and personal growth. Explore – Learn – Teach

Sharing my life story was the most difficult and yet, the most healing thing I have ever done. When we share the parts of ourselves that need healing, we give permission to others to acknowledge and heal the parts of themselves that need healing.

I’m offering again my workshop on Writing the Story of Your Life, and this time it will be on Zoom. If you’d like to join, sign up on the link below, or contact me directly via the Contact Page.

I’m so excited to spend the next five weeks getting to know you, as I share the same strategies I used to craft my own nonfiction story, which I published as a memoir titled: Evolving Through Adversity.  

In this course, I will help you craft your personal story─ and ultimately help you get a deeper understanding of who you are and discover your true self. Nonfiction is by far my favorite genre, and one of the most popular forms of contemporary literature. It offers wonderful opportunities for creativity and sharing inspiration. 

Crafting Your Story

This course introduces you to the fundamentals of crafting your personal story by:

  • Developing and shaping story ideas.
  • Presenting best strategies for structuring your life story.
  • Putting it all together to transform your narrative, and in the process, heal your life.

Stories can be simple essays or full chapters. 

A Story Crafting Workshop may be your entry ticket into the writing world, and can bring you closer to your book or essay publishing dreams. Most importantly, writing your story is about personal transformation and professional development.

How the Workshop Will Be Conducted?

This is an online via Zoom activity with weekly 60 minutes session. After you sign up and pay for the workshop in full, you will receive materials guiding you through the course on a weekly basis. I will send you your assignments via email, and your will submit them back to me via email, before our next scheduled Zoom meeting.



The full 5 weeks tuition is $249 per personIf you’d like to register a group, please contact me for group discount. Also there is a $30 off if you purchase my book Evolving Through Adversity at least two weeks before the start of class. 

Enroll Now!

For any questions about this workshop, please contact me at: info@SecondeNimenya.com

Refund Policy:

After you receive the course materials, please take a look and make sure the workshop is right for you. If it is not, let me know as soon as possible, and I will send you a refund of all your tuition except $50 for the course cancellation fee. If you do not cancel within a week after you receive the course material, there will be no refund for the workshop.

Thank you, and I look forward to working with you on your story!


What participants are saying:

“This workshop was very effective in that reflecting is a good process and the beginning of writing your own story. I enjoyed Seconde’s presentation of the RRU Model”

“Ms. Nimenya shared herself as a person, and inspired participants to focus on “clearing” oneself before writing about anything else.”

“If interested in writing a memoir, this is the right workshop for you. I enjoyed the application of journaling, Seconde’s authenticity and the importance of story-sharing for healing others.”  

“I thoroughly enjoyed the topic, and the presenter’s experiences. I’m looking forward to reading her book.” 

Feel – Deal – Heal