America’s Workplace Is Simmering With a Lot of Culture Shifting.

Every morning, as soon as I open my Internet browser, I’m flooded by news headlines; and it’s blurring. I was getting used to the political news cycle, but now, news of powerful men accused of sexual harassment and misconduct in the workplace is taking precedence. I learn about men in the media, men in Hollywood, men in the senate and congress, men, men, men…all doing inappropriate things to the women they employ or want to employ.

This is definitely a culture shift here in the United States. I wish I could say it is the same in other societies around the world. As much as America is in the news for making it “great again”, Americans should know that despite all the imperfections in our systems, America is still a great country! God knows I’ve heard a lot of stories from women, especially, young women who had nowhere to go to report their bosses’ misconduct, or if they did, the investigation went nowhere, and only put their jobs in jeopardy and their bosses in an even more powerful position to do whatever they want.

So, I am glad I’m living in this day and era where women of all ages can thrive in a harassment-free work environment; where their beauty and curves don’t have to determine what type of promotion they deserve.
I’m also hopeful that as a society, we can build upon this culture-shift here in America, in the most nurturing and empowering way, and be able to positively influence other societies and empower more women around the globe. I do believe that empowering women worldwide to own their power at work and in life, will shift the culture, and stop sexual harassment in all its forms. Let’s build a society and workplace where women of all backgrounds don’t have to prove their worth by suffering indignities from their bosses.

I know this movement has just begun, but I sure do hope it will continue, and be the change our daughters and sons, their children and grandchildren will be proud of. This movement needs leaders, and I invite men and women to work together to end this cycle of sexual abuse, and give to our daughters a workplace where they work, learn and grow.