The Generational Gap and You: Millennials in the Workplace

Today’s Workforce Challenges:

  • This is the First Time We Have at least Three Generations Working Together.
  • Graduates Out of College and into the Corporate Workforce
  • Young and Technology Savvy Workforce
  • Working With not so Young and Not so Technologically Inclined
  • Different Upbringing, Learning Styles and Different Everything!
  • Conflict Resolution Styles very Different Among the Three Generations in the Workplace
  • Add to the Mix, Cultural Differences, then You Get a Simmering Situation!

In a two parts episode, I sat down with a few millennials from my community to chat about how these generational gaps affect them, and how they can close the gap. Watch Part 2 of our conversation, and share your perspectives and feedback. Subscribe to my YOUTUBE Channel where I share more inspirational resources.

Enjoy, share, and let us know how we’re doing!