Seconde Nimenya, Host of “Evolving Talk Series.” 

You may have read Seconde Nimenya’s books or been to her presentations on Evolving Through Adversity. Or maybe you have watched her TED Talk on Race and Social Identity. Seconde’s mission has always been to share insights and perspectives to uplift those who are going through adversity, offering strategies to inspire those in their quest to become the best versions of themselves.

Seconde is dedicated to being a voice for the voiceless, sharing her life lessons she has learned on her life journey. In her Evolving Talk Series, Seconde brings that same inspiration, passion, and dedication to your shiny screens on all your smart gadgets, and share with people worldwide her transformational message in her new talk show, titled, “Evolving Talk Series”.


The premise of the show is based on Seconde’s belief that everyone goes through adversity one way or another, but how we respond to life’s challenges is what makes the difference. Drawing from her personal experiences of adversity growing up in Burundi, in East-Central Africa, and her journey to North America, international award-winning author Seconde Nimenya shares insights on how she overcame adversities in her life. And now, she wants her viewers to benefit from her transnational and transformative journey, by sharing the life lessons she learned along the way.

In these Evolving Talk Series, Seconde features inspiring stories and uplifting conversations with guests, as well as share her own wisdom and insights. Filled with diverse and authentic conversations to please your senses, EVOLVING TALK SERIES is the show you will want to watch and re-watch time and again! Be inspired by the powerful guest interviews that will spark your mind, and motivate you every day to be the best you that you can be, and live to your fullest potential.

Every show episode features Seconde’s uplifting story that only she knows how to share with wit and charisma! Let it be your moment to be transformed for the better, discover, and honor your true self! As many of Seconde’s fans have expressed, her point of view, delivery and personality resonate with viewers in America and across borders.

Seconde Nimenya is an international award-winning author and diversity advocate who’s committed to sharing stories to improve the human condition. Her book Evolving Through Adversity has been hailed by readers as the most inspiring work they have ever read, and is the basis of her successful speaking career, and now of this Talk Show Series.

Seconde is a trusted community member and serves in various community events that promote racial equity, and diversity and inclusion. Her TED Talk titled We Are Not All That Different in which Seconde shares perspectives on racial and social identities, was featured in the Washington North Coast Magazine and the Daily Herald, and continues to inspire people worldwide.









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