The Power of Your Story is a 10 sessions online Story Crafting Workshop for people wanting to explore their personal stories and how they connect to their higher-selves. Becoming the best version of yourself requires understanding who you are, what you want, and why are you here! In this online workshop, you will be provided a roadmap to embracing change, so you can live the life you were created for.

How Does the Power of Your Story Workshop Work?

The Workshop is provided in weekly modules and consists of easy-to-follow steps. After you sign up and pay in full for the 9 weeks tuition, I will send you written materials guiding you through the course on a weekly basis. I will send you your assignments via email, and your will submit them back to me via email before our next scheduled one-on-one meeting. Once every two weeks, we will meet in person (if you happen to live in the Greater Seattle area) or via Skype, and have a discussion on your Story Crafting progress. These meetings are done one-on-one to make sure your story stays private; so, you choose when and whether you want to share your story with the wider audience in your own time.

Who Should Attend the Power of Your Story Workshop?

Not everybody is ready to go deep within to find the answers to their most-burning questions. So, The Power of Your Story is for you if you want to overcome the adversities in your life, find your passion, and honor your true self!

Follow this link to: REGISTER  FOR THE WORKSHOP

For any questions/concerns about this workshop, please email me at: info@SecondeNimenya.com

After you sign up, you will receive the course information and material. If we don’t cover the course material in 10 week sessions, I will offer you an extra two weeks free of charge, thus making it 12 sessions on a per-need basis.

This is a one-on-one workshop, where I will work with you individually online, in person or on Skype depending on your location, and help you craft your story, and give it a foundation it needs to build on.

Self-Mastery is the Best Gift You Can Give Yourself.

I look forward to going to the school of life together!


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