Happy Easter and Happy April! Whether you celebrate Easter as a religious holiday or not, the meaning of Easter in many beliefs, especially in the Christian church is that Easter is a time of forgiveness of our sins through Jesus’s death and resurrection.

In this blog post, I want to share what I shared in my recent Facebook Live, and explore the Power of Spring Renewal through Forgiving. Do you find it hard to forgive somebody after an offense? Well, you’re not alone! The truth is, many of us have a hard time letting go of an offense even though forgiving is the best thing that can happen for you!
In the video, I shared some of the myths that surround Forgiving, and shed some light on how to embark on a journey to forgiving those who hurt you. You’ve probably heard me say that Everybody Goes Through Adversity One Way or Another, But How Your Respond Is What Makes the Difference. This is true in any situation and being able to forgive is a great way in responding to life’s adversities.

Here is a Question for You To Ponder:

Do You Harbor any Resentment, or Bitterness that No Matter What You Do, You Still Can’t Shake It off? These could be signs of un-forgiven instances in your life. I know from personal experiences that forgiving can be easily said than done. But, the good news is, it can be done.
To learn and grow from adversity, you must first Reflect on the situation, and take the steps to heal. One of the tools I know helped me in my own adversities and allowed me to change and grow was learning how to forgive. In the last chapter of my book Evolving Through Adversity, I shared about Forgiving-─ forgiving myself, and forgiving others. In the chapter, I write about how I was under the weight of un-forgiveness, and it was literally making me sick! So, when I learned the power that comes from forgiving, it was like I became a different person, a new person! But the truth is, I became more of myself─ my most authentic self. Forgiving freed me from my self-imposed grips. I could finally find it in me to love myself, and to love others. In the chapter, I shared how forgiving saved my life, my health, my career, and resurrected my marriage! It gave me my power back. That’s why I’m always excited whenever I get to share my journey to forgiving with others.
Many of my readers have shared their feedback, and the chapter on Forgiving still rates the highest in their feedback. I highly recommend it for anyone who’s been hurt, and who wishes to heal, especially those wounds many of us experienced.

With everything happening in the world today, now more than ever before, we need to guard our hearts and wear an armor of emotional strengths. Whether it’s in our families, our communities, the workplace, or in our government institutions, there seems to be no shortage of drama. The one thing I know for sure about forgiving is that it’s a choice. And it takes the will to forgive, and we all have access to it.

Whether divisions stem from political affiliations, state borders, ethnic divisions, racial and cultural divisions─ imagine if you will, what would happen if people could forgive each other, and live in harmony with one another.

Below Are Five Truths About Forgiveness to Guide You on Your Journey to Forgiving

Notice here, I’m using the word “forgiving “as an action word. Not a passive one. Because, forgiving is the only part you can control, and it’s what you do; not what someone else can do for you.
1. Forgiving is a Journey not a Destination: Start Forgiving Today! Don’t put it off for tomorrow, because tomorrow is not guaranteed, but you have today for sure.
2. Forgiving Doesn’t Equate Making Excuses for Evil: No. It doesn’t mean you’re letting “them” off the hook. If you need justice to be served, you should seek justice, but you can still forgive in your heart.
3. Forgiving Is Not Inviting the Offense Back: Heck no!
4. Forgiving is for You; Not the Person You Forgive: You forgive for you to live a bondage-free life. I was chatting with someone who confided in me the hurt her significant other had caused her. And she said to me, “Seconde, I don’t think I can ever forgive this person. I’ve been really hurt.” And it was a case where there were real wounds, both physically and emotionally. I told her what I’m telling you here: Forgiving is for you! Not the person who hurt you. Whether they deserve your forgiveness or not, forgive them anyway, for you.
5. Forgiving Cannot Be Rushed: Why? Because people cope differently to life’s adversities. So, forgiving might not come easily for you at first. But, if you’re committed, it will happen!

If you’d like to read the chapter on Forgiving in my book, Evolving Through Adversity or the whole book, finds links on my website: SecondeNimenya.com/Books

Watch my talk on the Power of Forgiveness: