Happy New Year 2017- Happy New YOU!

Each new year, I share a few insights on personal and professional growth as a way of helping spark in you some new year resolutions. This year, I just want to remind us all that we are God’s perfect work in all of our identities. I recently gave a TEDx Talk on Race and Cultural Identity (see Seconde’s TEDx Talk link below), and some of the feedback I’ve received came from people who felt that the talk reminded them of their own uniqueness in God’s eye, and their own purpose in life.

You being on this planet Earth was not a random activity on God’s to do list when He created you! It was an orchestrated and perfected plan! So, in that spirit, let me share an insight on how you can live a purposeful life, and enjoy being on this side of Haven. It begins with sharing your God-given gifts.

It is no wonder that in the Bible, the word talent is equivalent to an investment or a gift of money. In today’s language, talent is the equivalent of the gift of natural ability to do something in a unique and special way. Every one of us has been gifted, and it’s a matter of acknowledging that gift, and use it to leave the world a little bit better than if we haven’t showed up. No matter who you are, where you live, or how old you are, you have inside of you at least one God-given gift. It can be your natural ability to bring joy around you without even trying. It may be fixing things with ease, or you have a gift of voice, a gift of writing, or you are a natural salesperson and can sell ice to an eskimo! Or, maybe, it’s your gift of compassion.

God has placed in each of us something special. But, it’s up to you to recognize it first, and then share it with the world. Don’t hoarder your talents! So, my question to you is: What are you going to do with your gifting this year of 2017, to live a purposeful life and benefit the world around you?

  • The time is now: don’t wait until all the conditions are just right, or for a more ideal time. Those perfect conditions may never show up. Do it in the now! Live and work with what you have been given.
  • Don’t compare yourself or your situation with someone else’s: everyone has their unique gifts, and you cannot live someone else’s life. The truth is, there is a reason God gave you what He gave you; and not what someone else has been given.
  • Give God a return on His investment in you: when you live your life’s purpose, you feel energized and empowered. And in return, you inspire and empower others to use their gifts. That’s the return on God’s investment in you. He didn’t bring you into the world so that you can just wander aimlessly. Work with what you’ve been given.

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