Unlocking Diversity


A timely and thought-provoking book that challenges assumptions and the status quo on the topics of race, equity, and inclusion in the workplace and our communities.

In Unlocking Diversity, author, inspirational speaker, and diversity and inclusion advocate Seconde Nimenya shares reflections with organizational leaders and individuals on how to create inclusive cultures in a world of differences.

From race relations and overcoming unconscious bias to driving business growth in a multicultural market, this book will spark your mind on how to raise your awareness and move from being unconscious of diversity issues to advocating for equity and inclusion. Nimenya explains the importance of cultural integration and how to achieve cultural synergies, she shares her black experience, redefines the true meaning of privilege, and much more to inspire you to rise above differences, find a common purpose, and solve local, national, and global challenges to bridge the gaps between our diverse and multicultural communities.




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