From the international award-winning book “Evolving Through Adversity” by Seconde Nimenya, comes the Young Readers Edition, “A Long Way to School,” an inspirational memoir for young readers on how to overcome the challenges in life, being your best and never giving up.

A Long Way to School tells the remarkable life story of Seconde Nimenya, a woman who grew up in Africa, and her relentless fight to get an education. This is an inspirational story of courage, perseverance and overcoming the adversities in life, written to inspire middle and high school age readers to overcome the challenges in their own lives.
This is a story that will inspire and motivate young people on how to find their inner strengths and determination in achieving goals. In return, they will grow to be good leaders and inspire their local and global communities with a positive attitude and a newfound wisdom.
At the end of the book, Seconde invites young readers to take a deep reflection on their own stories, and she provides reflection questions, and shares deep leadership insights for the teen years and beyond, to inspire young people on how to grow both personally and professionally.
A Long Way to School brings inspiration and motivation to a generation of young readers, and can also be enjoyed by the whole family.



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