I’m often disturbed by the lack of teaching life skills in our schools and communities, and now I have decided to do something about it. In fact, I’ve written a book titled, “A Long Way to School: A Story of Overcoming Challenges and Never Giving Up,” in which I share with middle and high school age readers the life lessons I have learned on my own life journey, to inspire and empower young people on how to overcome the challenges in their own lives.

The book places great emphasis on individual choices and individual behaviors; and how to cope with life’s adversities from the teen age and beyond. This book is written in a young reader-friendly voice, to help young people become self-empowered, and in return, be able to empower those in their families, their communities and their world.

As soon as kids start middle school, it seems as if the world comes crashing on them. It can be a very dramatic time in a kid’s life. In middle school, children start forming new relationships, but also, they start getting tested by their surroundings. All over a sudden, bullies are everywhere, or God forbid, they become bullies themselves. Oh, no! Your little munchkin can’t be a bully, no way! But it can happen, and it doesn’t mean your child is a bad kid, they are being tested.

The middle school years can be overwhelming for anyone. As kids hit their puberty, and hormones come rushing, it can be a struggle for some middle schoolers to adjust. They also start becoming more aware of the world they live in, and how they fit in the spectrum of life. And just like the rest of us, kids long to belong and sometimes, they don’t always make the best of judgement when it comes to choosing whom they associate with. And that’s when some kids start experimenting different things such as drugs, alcohol and even sex.

So, how can you help your middle schooler navigate life, and acquire the life skills they don’t learn in the school curriculum? I am proud to partner with you parents and educators, and share with your middle schoolers my new book, “A Long Way to School.” I’ve dedicated my life’s work to encouraging others to overcome the challenges in their lives, and A Long Way to School is written to inspire and empower specifically middle school age readers, and show them how to overcome the challenges they face in school and in their personal lives.

In the book, I not only share my personal journey to getting an education, but I also offer some leadership insights young people can use to build their self-esteem and self-confidence. I have also included some reflection questions to help middle schoolers relate to my story and explore their own stories and learn more about who they are.

Explore A Long Way to School with your child. The book goes on sale on September 3, 2019, and you can pre-order your copy from these retailers: www.Amazon.com, www.Barnes&Noble.com or on my website: www.SecondeNimenya.com

Looking forward to sharing #ALongWaytoSchoolmemoir with your middle schooler!