If you’re like many introverts out there, you’ve probably been told time and again that introverts are just “shy people who can’t sell anything; least of all, promote themselves.” 

Granted, some type of work can be challenging if it doesn’t positively magnify your personality traits. But, at the same time, these are skills you can learn just like anyone else! And that’s the truth for all of us! In this blog post, I wanted to sort out some of the myths introverts have come to believe, but are simply not true! I’ve heard many a story of people calling themselves “introverts” just because they hate interacting with other fellow human beings! I was like, really, that’s what you think introvert means?

So, let me define what introvert is and what it’s not; by first identifying a few myths about introverts. Go ahead, and add more from what you’ve heard as well.

Myth #1: Being an Introvert Means You’re Socially Awkward.

Myth #2: Being an Introvert Means You’re Anti-Social.

Myth #3: Being an Introvert Means You Lack Self-Confidence.

Myth #4: Being an Introvert Is Bad for Your Career (especially if you need to sell for a living).

Myth #5: Being an Introvert Means You’re Depressed- (Gee!)

Now, Let’s See What Are the Five Signs of Introversion: 

#1: You Are a Very Reserved and Private Person: You don’t like to draw too much attention to yourself.

#2: You Excel When Doing Individual Activities Rather Than Group Activities: You don’t mind working alone because too many people tend to stifle your creative energy. (Now, this in many organizations can play at your disadvantage because of team work and all; people might think you’re anti-social just because you’re not a social butterfly like your co-worker Sally).

#3: You Dislike Small Talks That Lead Nowhere in the Creative Field: So, when your mama calls you to chat, especially when she calls to ask about your new boyfriend, you lie to her and say that you’re in a meeting- (Huuuum)????

#4: You Hate It When People Shout When They Talk: Just listening to someone shout drains your energy, and you crave alone time to realign your psychic flow.

#5: You Love Anything that Has to Do with Creativity: Such as writing, painting or any activity that allows you to go within.

Overall, being an introvert means you get your energy from within as opposed to extroverts who delight in getting their energy from crowds and other people. When you’re at a social gathering for instance, you tend to hang out with one person at a time, and connect with that person! Now, some people fall in between introvert and extrovert, and you can always tell because some of what I described for introverts might apply to you and some might not. Those who fall in between are called ambiverts.

So, Okay! You’re an introvert, now what? Did you know that most of the people who changed the world in big and small ways were introverts? Did you also know that more than a third of the world’s population is introverted? Oh yes, you’re in good company baby! So, go ahead and change the world! The world needs your introspection, your quiet demeanor and your attention to details! Don’t let anyone use the myths and other stereotypes to shortchange you because you’re an introvert. Being introverted is good, just as being extroverted is. It’s all about knowing yourself, honoring who you are, and not letting others define you!

One of the ways you can honor your true self is finding work that helps bring out the best of your personality traits. So, next time you’re looking for a job, match your personality traits to the type of work you want. And whenever you feel out of place in a loud environment, and feel like retreating to your cave, know that it’s okay to take a leave, and go be with your thoughts for a while, to regroup and renew your energy from within. Because that’s where you get it from, and that’s who you are!

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Always Remember, Who You Are Matters.

Seconde Nimenya, MBA

Award-Winning Author | Motivational Speaker | Diversity Advocate