Fog ImageIt was a foggy morning when I dropped off my husband at work. As I was driving back, in one spot, the visibility went from limited to almost null, and I couldn’t see well the road. For a short instant, I panicked, thinking about what I needed to do to improve the road’s visibility. I thought back to what I learned in driving school (2 decades ago), but nothing came to mind. Oh my God, what did I learn in driving school? How do you deal with limited visibility? I forgot!

And then… Aha! I got it! Turn the headlights on! Duh! And I did. But, still, the visibility was limited; I slowed down even more; I could see no more than 12 feet ahead of my car. I was starting to really freak out, but then I took a deep breath, and thought about that late summer morning, with our limited number of sunny days starting to get shorter, the limited visibility was a way for God to let me know that not only the season was about to change; but also, all I needed to see in that moment was the 12 feet ahead. But I want to see more of the road where I am driving! I argued with myself in my mind. However, no amount of arguing with myself or freaking out was going to help me see more of the road.

So, I quietly inhaled and exhaled, as I continued to drive slowly; enjoying the bit of road I could see in front of me. And before I knew it, the road started getting more visibility. More sun was coming out, and burning off the fog.

This instance taught me something valuable:

  • While we like to plan all of our lives ahead, there will always be some unforeseeable moments when our planning cannot help us. Moments when all we can do is just surrender!
  • Next time you’re thinking or stressing out about what the future holds for you, take a deep breath, and know that God will always give you the information you need to know in that moment, and it will be sufficient.
  • When you hit a foggy patch on your journey (literally and figuratively), surrender to the moment, and let it be. Use the information you have in that moment, and know that when you need more, it will be revealed to you at the right time; and you will still arrive at your final destination.