Seconde Nimenya is a compelling speaker with an inspiring message, and her mission is to empower those who are going through adversity. Invite her to inspire your teams and share a motivational message that is inspiring, entertaining and moves them to action. Sample Topic: Evolving Through Adversity: Personal and Professional Life Skills They Don’t Want You to Know.

DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION PROGRAM: In keeping up with most corporations and organizations’ strong core values, this workshop will help increase understanding of the importance of diversity in the workplace and in the inevitable multicultural world we all live in. Goal: Provide a series of cultural competency trainings to school-based social workers, counselors, educators, clinicians, and other community service providers who work with children and adolescents and their families who come from a multicultural background, so that they can provide services that incorporate respect, cultural sensitivity, and cultural empowerment.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT FOR LEADERS: Coaching in Leadership Development for those engaged in leadership trainings for employees and managers, career success and leadership trainings for millennials, immigrants /new comers as well as community groups. These programs work well as Keynotes, as well as Workshops. Invite Seconde to present for your upcoming Career and Corporate Coaching- Contact her to discuss how to better motivate your teams to be the best they can be! The premise of Seconde’s message is based on her belief that everyone goes through adversity one way or another, but how we respond to life’s adversities is what makes the difference. This is why Seconde travels around the world sharing empowering leadership insights and perspectives to inspire positive change.

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