Praise for Evolving Through Adversity


What a gift! Written by an extraordinary woman who, through much adversity, finds incredible potential within herself. This book is filled with lessons of perseverance and hope, beneficial to everyone.

Susan Friedmann, CSP

Author of Riches in Niches

This book is great and so inspiring. I can’t even imagine moving halfway across the world and readjusting to a new culture. I really enjoyed reading Evolving Through Adversity.

Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D.

Author of The Best Place

If you are looking for a resource to give you hope and for overcoming all life’s adversities, then, start here!

Patrick Snow

Author of Creating Your Own Destiny

It was a great pleasure reading Seconde’s book. I especially enjoyed reading about her growing up in Burundi. I could also relate to the struggle of balancing work and family, and of moving and living in a foreign country (Norway and England for me).

Dr. J. Hope Corbin

Professor, Western Washington University

Seconde’s Evolving Through Adversity is a warm, funny, and honest true story of how one woman faced a number of difficult life challenges – and used these challenges to become a stronger, more authentic version of herself. I realized that even though my upbringing was a half a world away from hers, I could relate to the obstacles she faced and her desire to learn and grow from them. It made me realize I am not alone and if I listen to that small, still voice inside, I can find others to guide me on my life’s journey. I hope many of you read or listen to Evolving Through Adversity, and find it as inspirational as I did.

Brenda Stoelb

Voice Artist & Instructor, Bellevue Community College