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According to STAT News, “Opioids Could Kill Nearly 500,000 Americans in the Next Decade.” Now, if I can do Math, that means, 50,000 deaths per year, caused only by drug overdose! I come from a country and a continent where such a number is nowhere near those who are dying from different diseases, wars, and poverty. Really, nowhere near! But, I also know that no matter who dies and where it happens, a death is a death; and a loss of life is a loss here in America, or elsewhere in the world. When I started sharing my story of Evolving Through Adversity, I thought it was only for those who grew up with the same lack of access as I did. But then, I quickly realized that my story resonated with those who grew up with a lot of access; whether it was access to education or other resources. I realized that everybody goes through adversity one way or another, and the difference is only in how you respond. I developed my Transformational Model to Evolving Through Adversity called, the RRU Model or Reflect- Rectify- Unite Model. This model helps you analyze your story through the lenses of my own, and use the different steps I provide to allow you to embark on a journey to evolving through whatever adversity you are facing. I want to help you as you work on yourself to heal, and live the life you were created for. To book your first appointment, or for any inquiry about this program, contact me at:

In the meantime, I hope you can take time to nurture yourself and heal the wounded parts in you, so you can shine your light and help heal others. What I know for sure is that we can all do something to uplift our fellow humans, wherever they live, and in whatever adversity they’re facing. Together, we can make a difference rather than standing alone in this big O world!

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