Awards & Recognition

Seconde Nimenya has repeatedly been recognized for her innovative, inspirational and educational programs; as well as her commitment to diversity and inclusion advocacy and leadership ─ bridging the gaps between our diverse and multicultural communities around the world.

Her Most Recent Awards & Achievements:

  • Seeds Of Hope Award | RESUTLS | 2017
  • TED Speaker | SnoIsle Libraries | 2016
  • International Award-Winning Author | IBA | 2014





Through her life experiences, Seconde Nimenya has uncovered her life’s purpose and discovered the power that lies within. That self-realization has helped her accept who she is, and accept others for who they are. Seconde’s mission is to share her journey with you through her writing, speaking and hosting, and to empower you on your journey with fresh perspectives.

Seconde is both a Teacher and a Student of Life! Through her own adversities, she shares the life lessons she has learned along the way to help you overcome your own adversities in your own life. As an author, inspirational speaker, a host and a diversity and inclusion advocate, Seconde’s mission is to create content and share it through empowerment shows and events.

Hello Seconde,
I used your TED Talk in all five of my sophomore classes last week to kick off small group discussions about acceptance (what does it look and feel like? How important is it?). Next, groups discussed race and culture in our school (did they think students felt comfortable here? What problems or successes did we have in these areas?). 
Finally, each group decided on 3-5 guidelines or norms for how our class should function together. These ideas were posted to an online discussion board where, once I gather patterns, we will follow up by voting on our top choices. We thought your talk was powerful. All my teens were attentive. I teach many students of color who, it seemed to me, appreciated your compassionate yet direct approach.
Laura Hansen

Instructor, Lake Washington School District