About Seconde Nimenya, MBA

Welcome Home!

Through my own life experiences, I have uncovered my life’s purpose and discovered the power that lies within me. That self-realization has helped me accept myself and others; and my mission is to share this journey with you through my writing and speaking. My prayer is that by sharing my journey with you, you will be empowered to look at your own life with fresh perspectives.

Let’s go to the school of life together!

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Who I Am: I am both a Teacher and a Student of Life! Through my own adversities, I share with you the life lessons I have learned along the way to help you overcome your own adversities in your own life.

What I Do: As an author, a public speaker, and an advocate of diversity and inclusion, I create content and share it through speaking engagements, workshops, and other empowerment events.

Check out my LEADERSHIP AND COACHING PROGRAMS or contact me for more information at: info@SecondeNimenya.com

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